What Will Students Do? 

The Bootcamp will consist of active learning sessions where students will role-play in various sales negotiation scenarios. Students will get immediate feedback from recruiters/alumni who will be present to help Master Sales/Negotiation techniques! Additionally, students will receive a digital certificate of completion to link to their online profiles. See the curriculum for more information.

Bootcamp Details

  • Friday, April 19, 2024, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm in the Plenary Room (Grainger 1310)
  • Enrollment is limited to 75 seats
  • The deadline to apply is April 9, 2024.
  • Open to all current UW-Madison students.
  • This is a full day event

Who benefits?

Students who are interested in developing their negotiation skills and building their network with recruiters and alumni

How To Apply?

To be considered, students must submit an application. We are looking for students who bring a wide range of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. Please note that in your application you are consenting to be video graphed in order to receive feedback on body language and overall presentational skills.

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Workshop Co-Lead

Kevin Chung – Bio

Workshop Co-Lead 

Ishita Chakraborty – Bio

Workshop Sponsor

Photo of Dan Sobic
Daniel Sobic – Bio


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"Though a full day Sales Bootcamp may sounds intimidating, it was certainly worth it and the competitive nature of the event made it all the more worthwhile. It was great to see many business school students come together and not only listen to Dan Sobic but also bond over their interest in sales. I say for individuals interested, the experience was best unprepared as at least for me, I learned firsthand how to improve sales skills through Dan Sobic."

Dean Pak, Marketing, 2023 Attendee

"The Sobic Sales Workshop provides allows you to connect with sales professionals from varying industries. You get real world experience, build connections, and receive feedback in order to improve upon your communications and negotiations skills. It is a fantastic experience!"

Mia Lopez, Finance & International Business, 2023 Attendee

"After the Sobic Sales Workshop, I became a more confident version of myself. It taught me how to negotiate in a professional and adequate manner."

Tina Joe, Marketing, 2023 Attendee

“The Sobic Sales Workshop was an experience that was both insightful and engaging. I was able to learn valuable negotiation strategies from experienced professionals and also practice using them in a live simulation. The one-day workshop helped me realize how important the art of negotiation is for any career path. I’m excited for those who will have an opportunity to attend this event in the future.”

Calvin Dong, Marketing & International Business, 2023 Attendee